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Jane is NOT “My wife”!

What gets to me almost as bad as musicians who cover the Gettys’ “In Christ Alone” but drop the verse that speaks of God’s wrath being satisfied???

My blood pressure (unjustly) rises when someone, on meeting my bride, says something like, “Oh, you’re Jack’s wife!”

Though I think (hope?) Jane is blessed to be my bride (of almost 35 years); she is not “Jack’s wife.” Your pastors’ spouse is not your pastors’ spouse.

Jane is Jane. Your our pastor’s wife is whatever-her-name-is.

Jane has an identity of her own; she does not draw her “worth” or her position from being my bride.

I trust people don’t mean anything negative when they say “oh, you’re Jack’s wife,” but that doesn’t negate the feeling I get.

Jane has unique talents, giftings, passions, skills etc that are in no way dependent on me.

Her ministry skills are far different, and draw nothing from me (except, hopefully, encouragement).

May I especially ask you to be cautious in addressing/referring to your pastor’s family?

She is not “the pastor’s wife;” they are not “the pastors’ kids;” they are individuals created in His image.

End of mini rant.

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