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>Jagger and the Rolling Stones Got the Title Right!

>”Our times are in His hands.” Therefore “Time, time, time, it’s on my side, yes it is!” But we are tasked to redeem this incredible and unreplaceable gift. My good friend DAVID NELSON, who pastors in Perry, NY posted this, and it is well-worth sharing, and well-worth heeding:

In his helpful book on Jonathan Edwards, Pursuing Holiness in the LORD, T. M. Moore (editor) draws our attention to one of Edwards’ “timely” sermons entitled, “The Preciousness of Time.” Ephesians 5:16 says, “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” It’s a most engaging sermon to read and can be found HERE. But shy of that, here is a brief outline showing his most salient points:


Eternity depends on it. A happy or miserable eternity depends on the good or ill improvement of it.

Time is very short. Since time is short, it is therefore to be considered precious.

Time is uncertain. None of us knows how much time remains, whether a month or a year, or perhaps, only a day!

Time cannot be recovered when it is past. There’s no regaining time when once it has been used up. There’s no going back.


“How little is the preciousness of time considered, and how little sense of it do the greater part of mankind seem to have! And to how little good purpose do many spend their time! There is nothing more precious, and yet nothing of which men are more prodigal.” Which sort of persons should be reproved for their misuse of time?

Those who are idle. These spend much time doing “nothing of any account, either for the good of their souls or their bodies; nothing either for their own benefit, or for the benefit of their neighbor, either of the family or of the body politic to which they belong.”

Those who are wicked. These are worse than the above in that they not only do not use their time to good purpose, but actually abuse it by spending their time in wicked pursuits. “Such do not only lose their time, but they do worse; with it they hurt themselves and others.”

Those who indulge only in worldly pursuits. These spend their time only in worldly pursuits, neglecting their souls. Such men lose their time, let them be ever so diligent in their worldly business, and thought they may be careful not to let any of it pass so, but that it shall some way or other to worldly profit. They that improve time only for their benefit in time, lose it; because time was not given for itself, but for that everlasting duration which succeeds it.”

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