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It Is Okay to Disagree with MacArthur

I have much respect for John MacArthur.

His books have helped me immensely over the years.

I hosted a call-in show on the Family Life Network of radio stations for a few years. Two or three times I interviewed John (via telephone) and thoroughly enjoyed the interaction

I am disappointed in his insistence of keeping Grace Community Church open…in defiance of the governor’s edict. If you’d like to read MacArthur’s declaration, CLICK HERE.

Though I’m not a fan of that governor; he and the state are not making worship illegal. They are saying salons, bars, gyms etc can not be occupied…to include church buildings. (you may read more on the edict here. )

I can’t locate a quote, but it is my guess that Johnny Mac has frequently uttered this statement of truth – “The church is not a building; the church is people.”

Contrast MacArthur’s stance with the choice of J. D. Grear (in both cases the men are helped by church leadership obviously). Grear serves as President of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastors a megachurch.

Here you can read the reasoning behind them announcing they would not gather on their campuses for the remainder of 2020.

Between the two choices; I go with Grear.

That said, I do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all answer here. There are thousands of local churches that easily could do home church…many in just one home. Others may not have leadership to oversee or run a bunch of house churches.

In my mind this issue is similar to the mask controversy. Do what you think is best; but don’t look down on someone who goes in another direction. And don’t think your choice is the mandatory “choice” for all.

As we say in prison, “Do your own time.”

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