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>Introducing Lucille

>Finished four days of meetings in the Whitesville (Mo) Baptist Church last night.

I first preached in this church probably in 1980…maybe even 1979…so it is one of the first churches I ever had the privilege of speaking in…and they still asked me back!

It was neat to see several folks who were there way-back-when…particularly Lucille.

Lucille will soon be 95. She told the congregation a couple nights ago, “I was here when Jack first came, and he hasn’t lost the fire!”

Lucille has had a lot of tough bumps in her life…but she is glued to Jesus. She is (usually) confined to a wheelchair. I type “usually” because when the song leader led us in “Standing on the Promises” Lucille struggled, but rose to her feet for all four stanzas.

When the pastor asked for prayer requests one evening, Lucillee spoke up and asked us to pray that she would be an effective witness to the folks in the nursing home where she lives who don’t know Jesus.

What a lady! So very grateful for her ongoing testimony of faithfulness through the struggles of life. Grateful that she came to every meeting…and spoke to me of her prayers and her love each time.

She is a tremendous encouragement, and an example of a believer who is “finishing well.”

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