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>Icy Thoughts About Sovereignty


The Lord God reigns supreme. I do believe that. I don’t “get” it…when young dynamic Christians are killed in car wrecks; when a loving Christian couple loses a pregnancy; or when evil actions dominate the daily news. But if God isn’t supreme (omnipotent), He is not much of a God. A “minor” (relatively) inconvenience today…I was set to host the final regular season Bible quiz for the Bath league; to be followed by the selection process for the four teams we will take to the National tournament in April. Then came the storm yesterday. This morning I arose at 6 and it wasn’t bad; a few inches on the ground. Checked the various weather sites, the storm “warning” downgraded to a “watch.” I began shoveling the driveway. As I concluded ice began dropping. Called a couple coaches; one was good-to-go; another said it was too icy. Decided to go with it; left the house; got a couple other calls; spoke with my wife; prayed…cancelled. Drat. Now we flop it all over to next Saturday…which was scheduled to be our tri-league tournament. Now we won’t have a tournament. Drat. But God is supreme, sovereign, and solid. And good. And as much as I love Bible quizzing, I love quizzers more…and I’d rather lose a day of quizzing – with all it’s inherent scheduling difficulties and so forth – than have a quizzer in a ditch…or worse. Now…what would I think if I later learn that some quizzers decided to go sledding since the quiz was cancelled, and one was seriously injured…or worse…? I’d know God is supreme, sovereign, and solid. And good. And, prayerfully, like Job; I’d say “blessed be the Name of the Lord.”

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