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I'm Dying!!

Yup. Jack is dying.

Guess what…so are you!

I know you know that…but do you know that?

I was totally surprised to get the cancer diagnosis. I also have some serious kidney issues. I have just finished my first two weeks of treatments…chemo shots in belly…now I get a week “off”, then on Monday the 12th back to twice-weekly shots and I START a daily chemo pill. (sure, you can pray that these two cocktails play well with each other..I’m asking for no side effects..I wanna keep working!)

There is as yet no prognosis. The docs (who are great) use the term “not curable but treatable.” That may be what their education says; but I know Someone who can cure instantly…so I’m asking for that; and asking for no debilitating issues. For a few decades I’ve prayed for twenty more years of effective ministry; that is still my prayer.

I don’t think I’m any more aware of my mortality. I could have a heart attack before I finish this sentence. Yeah, I’m (perhaps selfishly?) asking God that I don’t do the slow fade thing with the cancer…weeks/months not being able to function. I think I could handle anything, and I know my wife COULD handle it; I just don’t want her to have to go through that.

So if you hear I dropped dead, that may well be God answering my prayer.

But I may be a bit more convinced of something that I’ve been long convinced…other than people, time is the only irreplaceable commodity there is. Bye it back. Redeem it. Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment.

So, dear reader, I pray for you, for me; that we would seize and redeem the precious seconds/minutes/hours/days we have…if you are a follower of Christ that is an order…if you are not (yet) a Christian the evaporation of tie is scarily more vital.

It’s a great song, Stones, but time is not on our side. It is up to us to capture/redeem/buy back/not waste time.


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