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I Have Cancer - Cancer Does NOT Have Me

A few weeks ago blood work revealed an issue...further tests were include a bone marrow biopsy (not on my bucket list) and a PET scan...Two weeks ago was diagnosed with myeloma.

Like the staff infection that led to firings and huge negative impact on Midland Ministries (read last post); this was no where on my radar.

But it was not a "shock" to our Lord.

Last week was my first week of treatments (not much of a treat, by the way). Monday and Thursday shot in the belly.

The current plan is for that to continue...two weeks "on", one week "off", rinse/repeat.

A bit of insomnia, some tiredness, and...very rarely...a nauseous feeling are the "only" negatives thus far.

Oh...and the hour long trip, one way, to the Kansas City Veterans Administration hospital...but I have a cute chauffeur!

A chemo pill will soon be added to the recipe...super-controlled, needs to be signed for etc...

The biggest personal bummer is that I had to cancel six weeks of camp speaking as they don't want me around crowds. To be honest, not sure I'd currently have the energy to do the work justice.

I do have a home office, and ministry will continue. I just wrote a series of devotionals for one of the camps at which I was to speak (after they asked me to so do). I will record a video greeting for each camp; as each one will have several campers/staff/counselors that already know me.

I will continue corresponding with prisoners, as well as reviewing correspondence courses. I am going to resurrect my podcast, try to be more faithful in blogging, and am praying/thinking about other tasks.

In other words, ministry continues full time.

And I am grateful.


I'm praying for healing. (the docs use the phrase "not curable but treatable." Well, okay, but I know a greater Physician!

I'm praying for continued minimum reactions/side effects so I can keep working full speed.

I'm praying for my bride who adjusts to the stuff of life.

I'm praying I will seize unique opportunities to brag on Jesus during this phase of life.

And I'd be thankful for your prayers.

(I am putting together an email list (via PrayVine)...I'll use that to keep folks abreast of what's going on...probably weekly...I'd be honored to send it to you if you'd send me your email:

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