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I Am A Racist….

Well, no, actually I am not a racist. I am very prejudiced against prejudiced people.

I think prejudice of any type from any corner is an admission of cowardice…”I am better than you because I am white/black/brown/etc”.

A “Christian racist” is a contradiction in terms.

As a follower of Christ I couldn’t be racist even if I wanted to be. Had I been raised racist it may take me a while after conversion to learn the horrificness of the sin of prejudice; but that conviction would come.

But…that said…I am a racist.

CNN says I am. ESPN says I am. Should-be-in-federal-prison Hillary says I am. And, alarmingly, so do many, for instance, facebook “friends” whom I used to respect.

In their parlance I am a racist.

But I am not.

I think any form of protest that a, for instance, NFL player takes part in at a game is wrong; whether it be “black lives matter (which is a pretty racist statement, by the way)”, prolife, or anything else. Wrong place, wrong time.

I will not apologize for being white. Wasn’t my call.

I will not apologize for the horrific slavery that took place in the United States any more than I will apologize for the massive slavery that continues worldwise; though I hate it.

I will take you at face (and faith) value.

I am commanded to love you…regardless. That does not mean I have to like you nor your opinions; and it certainly doesn’t mean I have to let you get away with slandering me.

And if you disrespect all Law Enforcement Officers and/or the military; I will lose any and all respect for you I ever had.


And I’ll close with what comes to mind every time I think about this issue:

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