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>Hung Up About What Church Did/Does to You?


Ah, such wisdom from Jared Wilson who blogs at

Memo to The Whiners If all that The Church did to you growing up was make you wear dressy clothes, sit through boring sermons, withstand ten verses of “Just As I Am” accompanied solely by bowel-rattling organ, listen to Sandi Patty and/or The Master’s Five, or believe your soul is in eternal jeopardy if you don’t choose Jesus, you were not abused by the church.

There are worse things than suffering the unhip-ness of church culture. God doesn’t care about your haircut or what style of music you listen to, and if you think a lost world would like Jesus more if only his followers looked more emo, you’re an idiot.

Growing up uncool or “cheesy” because of the church is not traumatic, and if you think it is, go spend some time in the burn ward or listening to victims of domestic abuse.

Get over yourself, grow up, and get a life.

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