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Here I Stand

2021 has hours left…then…BOOM…2022; which I pray is not 2020-2! ’21 was a horrible year in many regards…”but God”…

I end my ’21 postings with this – a declaration of my narrow-mindedness concerning some aspects of the Christian faith.

The list is not exhaustive, but close. Meaning these are nonnegotiable. I have a lot of opinions (which are, ah, like elbows; everybody’s got a couple), and I have my own beliefs about a lot of secondary stuff (that may not be secondary to you).

But these are absolute. They are not “my” truth…they are TRUTH:

  1. Jesus Christ is, always has been, always will be God – specifically the Son of God, part of the trinity (Father Son Holy Spirit)

  2. The Bible, in its original autographs (original writing) is inspired by God. Men wrote as they were moved by the Spirit of God. There is no “new” revelation; God’s Word is complete.

  3. The Virgin birth is fact; without it we would have no hope.

  4. Jesus lived the perfect life on earth; the life we could not live; and died the death we should have died.

  5. Jesus was tempted in all things; but remained without sin. Therefore ANY temptation is temptation; and not sin (though it can give birth to sin).

  6. Jesus is the atoning sacrifice for our sin. His substitutionary death, and His resurrection (in which He was declared to be the Son of God) is my only hope.

  7. All things were created by, for, and through Christ Jesus. “All” means “All.”

  8. God is absolutely sovereign.

  9. Faith in Christ is not a good way to heaven, nor the best way; it is the ONLY way to heaven.

  10. Salvation occurs when one turns from sin (repents) and believes/trusts in Jesus and the gospel and aims at following Jesus.

  11. There is a place called hell, which lasts as long as does heaven. Every human spends eternity in one of those two places.

  12. Jesus Christ will return. He will not be early; nor will He be late.

  13. Abortion is the unnatural death of a human being.

  14. Homosexual behavior is sin; as is premarital sex, extramarital sex, sex with a dog etc. All sexual sin is “sin against the body”(1 Corin 6)…that means “all”…I don’t blame the “gay” community for thinking Christians are homophobic as that is how we all too often come across. I make it a goal to never discuss the sin of homosexual behavior without mentioning other sexual sins; to include pornography.

  15. The USofA is not “God’s country”. Jesus is not a republican, nor a democrat.

  16. All Christ followers need to be in community; not forsaking the gathering together; usually called “local church.”

  17. A ‘chrisian’ racist is a contradiction of terms.

Most will note I have not listed some things Christians fight about.

That is because I will not die on those mountains; nor will I break fellowship with a Christ follower who views those things differently than I do.

For some that is a deal breaker.

So be it.

Some may be shocked or mad that I haven’t listed something they believe is nonnegotiable. I respect that and am willing to listen to arguments that the particular issue should be on the list.

What are your nonnegotiables?

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