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>Half-Way Through

>Ah, the vacation of a lifetime! We’ve been to Bald Head Island four times before over the last decade-plus; but this blows the previous all away.

Not sure why…maybe I needed it more? Maybe I prayed more? Maybe others (you?) prayed, also?

All I know is…we got on the island last Monday…and we have to leave Friday. And the weather has been delightful, the fun amazing, the family time precious…and even more so now as last night sons Josiah and Joel showed up and will be with us ’til we leave Friday.

Here’s some shots thus far (and, yeah, if you want a vacation where there is “nothing”” to do…no boardwalk, no carousel, no arcades, no…well, you get the point…”just” beautiful beaches, incredible trails, wildlife galore…and that most precious commodity…”time” alone, “time” with God, “time” with family…COME TO BALD HEAD). We are already calendaring next year…

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