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>Gutsy Prayers!


Here’s another great writing from Mark Batterson:

I shared a story this weekend about Honi the Circle Drawer.

He lived in the first century BC and he was famous for praying for rain. During one draught, the people of Israel asked him to pray and he drew a circle on the ground and stood inside and prayed, “O Lord, of the universe. I swear before your great name that I will not move from here until you have shown mercy upon your children.”

According to tradition, it started to sprinkle. Honi prayed, “Not for such rain have I prayed, but for rain that will fill the cisterns, pits, and caverns.” It began to rain with violence. And Honi prayed, “Not for such rain have I prayed, but for rain of goodwill, blessing, and graciousness.” Then it rained in moderation.

We need more circle drawers. Honi was almost excommunicated because his prayer was perceived by some asdishonoring to God. But the truth is this: God loves it when we pray desperate prayers, bold prayers, ridiculous prayers. I don’t think its dishonoring, as long as we’re praying them for the right reasons. In fact, nothing is more honoring. And God honors circle drawers.

I’d never thought about it that way, but that’s what we did with Ebenezers. We drew a circle around it for eight years via prayer. We did the same thing with Union Station. Lots of prayer walks around that place. We drew a circle around it.

Is there anything you need to draw a circle around?

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