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>Googling Tebow Verses

>Who knows what Tim Tebow’s NFL career will look like? Hopefully he will continue one of his trademarks.

Tim, of course, is known for painting Bible references under his eyes…(you can get a complete listing of the verses he used this season HERE)

I am hoping that a lot of non-Christians googled the verses (google says that after a Florida game the reference Tim used that game is in the top-three searches…sometimes number 1) And I imagine a lot of people (Christains and churchers) didn’t know the cited verse, so looked it up that way rather than leafing through their Bible…

I have no problem at all, in fact I am happy Tim “wears” verses…

All I know is that before I was brought to Christ at the age of 26 I would have no idea what the citations meant (unless the commentator explained it).

Like too many, if I saw a guy at a game with a “John 3:16” sign I would probably assume someone was trying to get his friend John to meet him in section 3, row 16.

And that’s yet another reason why I am so enthusiastic about Bible Quizzing (learn more HERE) as for two decades I’ve been privileged to observe teenagers memorizing, book by book, verse by verse, great chunks of the written Word to the glory of the living Word.

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