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Get This! (please)

Denny Brownlee is a long-standing, great friend.

Some of you will recall him from being one of the “morning guys” on Family Life Network.


He is phenomenally gifted.

And he has recorded his first audio book.

It is targeted for 10-14 year olds.

I absolutely love it.

Oh, yeah…Denny voices over 100 different voices in this one book….

I urge you to buy it…for yourself…for kids…grandkids.

And I add my world-famous (?) Hager guarantee…if you buy it and don’t love it; let me know and I will reimburse your expenditure. My word.

How can you lose?

It’s fun, it’s rooted in the Word, and it teaches biblical principles.

Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Do yourself a favor, order the book by clicking this:

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