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>Freedom To Stupidity?


As a Christian, I am free…free not to do what I want to do; but free to do what I ought to do (yes, it is God who gives both the desire to do and the ability to do His good pleasure).

As an American I have certain freedoms but, again, not freedom to do stupid stuff.

Applies to “freedom of the press” also…

Am I the only one who thinks this headline is stupid? (it’s from todays USA Today page 2A)

Town is Proud of SEALs, but can’t tell the world

Yes, I believe it is a stupid headline…but it gets worse; in fact it moves into the realm of idiotic as the article continues: ‘”When Mayor Will Sessoms toyed with the idea of including hte members of the commando team (that took out bin Laden) in the city Patriotic Festival in June, the Nvy told him to stsop talking about the team’s hometown lest they make Virginia Beach a target for al-Qaeda. “We’re trying to respect what they want,” city spokesman Mary Hancock says of the U.S. Navy. “It’s hard, because we’re very proud…”

As proud as I am of the members of this SEAL team (and any other military people), I hope I never learn any specific identities (particularly who pulled the triggers that sent two bullets into Osama) because if I know them, so will those who wish to avenge the death of the terrorist, as well as the no-shortage-of-domestic-nuts who might try to take them out just for their 15 minutes of fame.

Freedom of the press is not license to divulge information that should be held confidentially.

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