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Evangelicals First Commandment?

Say what?

Evangelicals have commandments? Well, no. But if they did this would be the first:


Of course those who cling to the "judge not" of Matthew 7.1 have to blissfully ignore Jesus' command to "judge righteous judgment (John 7.24). It would take two, terrible four-letter words to think this seeming contradiction through - "time" and "work."

That's why Todd Friel's Judge Not has a slashed "x" across the word 'not". The book was first published in 2015, then updated in 2019. It carries the subtitle "How a lack of discernment led to drunken pastors, peanut butter armpits, and the fall of a nation."

I've been reviewing books in both print and broadcast for many years. An ongoing frustration is that many of these books refer to "a certain well-known preacher" rather than name names. I assume this is the decision of publishing company lawyers, but it causes the reader to guess who is being referred to and that can be dangerous and misleading.

Friel names names. That will upset some readers...especially if their favorite preacher is cited. Friel is the host of "Wretched Radio and TV" and is known for a distinct voice and sharp wit.

A sampling of chapter titles will give you a taste of what the book has to offer:

  • Judging Christians for Judging Christians

  • Youth Group Madness

  • Really Lame Worship Music

  • Manipulative Altar Calls

  • Not Disciplining Wayward Saints

  • Heavenly Tourism Books

  • Acting More Like Republicans than Christians

I do not agree with all Friels observations, but I nodded much more than I shook my head.

I recommend the book highly...if you can take it.

Don't judge me. :)

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