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So there is this fellow in Bath, NY who writes scathing letters to the editor of the local, weekly paper. Years ago he put up a big sign on the top of his house that he keeps updated with things of local and national “interest.”

For months he flew an American flag – upside down – until it was removed by others. Not sure of the circumstances.

For months he has placed a “hanging bush” above his sign (barely visible in the photo, upper right) that really infuriates me.

For a while he had, on his sign, something like “Warning to Iran…international terrorists are about to attack you.”

Two weeks ago he had published in the paper another of his rants, in which he stated, again, that President Bush should be tried and executed; and also referred to “ex-military thugs” who allegedly took his flag.

I had to write.

And did. Here is what the paper published, and the photo is what he now has on his sign.

How about something positive?

To the editor:

Has Larry D. Cook ever had anything positive to say about anything?

I have to drive by his signboard at least twice a day…and confess each time I wish, mostly tongue-in-cheek, that I had a grenade launcher to take out said sign.

His hanging bush, with it’s message confirmed in his letter published in the May 11 issue in which he not-veryslyly implies our sitting President should be tried and hung, causes me intense anger; not simply because I am supportive of President Bush, but because I am called, as a citizen, to support any sitting President. Cook’s reference to the alleged theft of his upside-down flag by “three exmilitary thugs” implies that all ex-military men and women are “thugs.”

As a Vietnam veteran, an evangelical Christian, and a person who appreciates the United States of America I’m certain I fall into many categories that Cook would call moronic.

I consider being denounced by Cook an honor.

Cook decries the editor for not publishing all of his tired tirades. He complains of your editing his contributions; apparently the guidelines are for everyone except him?

Perhaps he could sell his sign and purchase ads to publish his opinions?

After twenty years of living in the area I am moving; and will miss so very much about Bath and its surroundings. But I, and my blood pressure, will certainly not miss the rants of Mr. Cook, whether published or placed on his freedom-of-speech sign.


Jack Hager Bath

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