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>I know a lot of people in vocational ministry who are going through what I am calling a “dry” period…not a period of unconfessed sin, not a period of physical illness, not a period of spiritual deadness, not even a period of controversy/competition/crisis…”just” a period of dryness.

Why the seeming epidemic of, only term of which I can think, dryness?

Don’t know. Testing? Spiritual attack? Just a physical thing (I got thru most of the summer without suffering allergies, but the last few weeks have been tough)?

Again, don’t know.

But it’s not fun.

Staying in the Word and communicating through prayer. Trying to get adequate rest (maybe too much?). Asking Spirit of God to search my heart and see if there is anything unclean within that hasn’t been addressed.

And fully aware that “this too shall pass” and though I go through a dry valley, I go not alone…My ever-present Source of joy/comfort/power etc is with me…as is my family…and friends…

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