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>Don’t Say I’m Too Young

>Yeah, I know; nobody would ever accuse me of being too young…but I do love this from MARK BATTERSON

Jeremiah 1:7 is such a powerful truth: “Don’t say I am only a youth.” love that on lots of levels. First of all, we have to challenge our kids to do great things for God. When it comes to doing something for God, you’re never too old and you’re never too young! Age is never an excuse. It wasn’t an excuse for King Josiah at age 8. It wasn’t an excuse for Caleb at age 85.

I also love the fact that God says: “don’t say it.” When we verbalize negative things I think they become self-fulfilling prophecies. Obviously, there are some things we need to verbalize rather than internalize. It’s healthy to talk about frustrations and doubts. It helps us process them. But I think we need the discernment to know when to say: “don’t say it.” I’m afraid we often solidify negativity by verbalizing it.

May the Lord give us the wisdom to know what not to say!

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