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Don’t Miss “Dear Evan Hansen”

My bride and I went to the movies last night to see “Dear Evan Hansen.”

The advertisements intrigued me. I did some research…most critics hated it; most fans loved it.

Color me the latter.

Unique. Intriguing. Surprising.

Phenomenally acted; especially by the lead actor (portraying Evan…he also starred in the Broadway musical).

It tackles mental illness.

If you, as a Christian, think (using the term loosely) depression, anxiety etc are always evidences of demonic activity; or if you feel medication is unnecessary for such issues; don’t bother reading (and don’t bother “correcting” me).

It is, I guess, officially a musical. (but, then, so also was one of my favorites – “The Greatest Showman”)

I don’t want to put out any spoilers…

I simply urge you to see it.

I very, very rarely watch a movie twice…

But this one I will…

And if the Broadway show travels to the midwest…I’ll try to see it.

Here’s my favorite song from the movie…yeah, it doesn’t take much to make it work as a “Christian” song:

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