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>Don’t Make Me Do Your Time

>As most know, I was converted in jail enroute to prison. One of the wisdom-rules of prison life is “do your own time.” In other words, don’t do a races time, a gangs time, anothers time…do your own time…

And though we are to esteem others as better than ourselves, and strive to out-serve them; I don’t think we need to “do their time.”


Let me of the things often done at camps at which I speak is “Mission Impossible.” Briefly it is a great game that is played in the dark of night with searchlights and so forth…campers must sneak to a certain point without being captured/seen. There are usually staff members hiding, camoflaged, the whole deal.

I do not play; never have, never will. Neither do I do paint ball. I served a tour in Vietnam and such things can open memories I’d rather leave shut. I have no problem with others enjoying the activity; I just don’t participate. But I don’t ask anyone else to do my time.

Some have a real problem with what they describe as “rock music,” because it brings back memories and/or emotions from the past.

I respect that. It is not an issue for me.

So don’t ask me to do your time. I’ll continue to listen to the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and other groups from way back in the day…you know, when musicians were musicians and not computer programmers!

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