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Don’t Kneel…Walk

So another “athlete” (a fencer), this time a white guy, takes a knee in protest against, among other things, the President.

The fencer writes, “I chose to sacrifice my moment today at the top of the podium to call attention to issues that I believe need to be addressed. I encourage others to please use your platforms for empowerment and change.”

Sacrifice? No, that would be the men and women in uniform (and their families).

But I have zero respect for the man or his actions.

It reminds me of an incident at one of my most favorite events…the National Bible Quiz Tournament.

Years ago the annual event was held and hosted by a dear friend of mine. He brought in a praise band to kick off the opening “rally.” This was at least twenty years ago, and some people were not used to drums, guitars, and a bit of loudness.

So a ministry that shall remain nameless had its leaders round up its teens and coaches and escorted them out of the auditorium…as the band played on.

I was beyond furious.

I went to one of the leaders and, ah, expressed my displeasure. He mumbled something about they had to get their room assignments cleared up. Even were that true, it doesn’t excuse the rudeness…

And I knew the leader…and the ministry enough to know that their rigid legalism was overpowering courtesy and respect.

But I remained furious.

And had no respect for them…why?…because they stayed to participate in the tournament.

Had they boarded their bus and returned to their home in “protest,” that would have been one thing. But they just made a big show of showing how “spiritual” they were by vacating the auditorium; but not the tournament.

Just as the fencer (why use his name) participated in the tournament on a team facilitated by the nation…and, though their may be some discipline applied by the overseers, I assume he wants to continue to enjoy the benefits and privileges of being on an American team.


Either bail or show respect.

Oh…and his actions violated a commitment he had made, according to the Olympic Committee: “In this case, Race didn’t adhere to the commitment he made to the organizing committee and the USOPC,” USOPC spokesperson Mark Jones said. “We respect his rights to express his viewpoints, but we are disappointed that he chose not to honor his commitment.”

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