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>Do We (Still) Care?


Here’s part of a letter to the Editor of Time magazine published in the July 21 issue. The letter is from Kelli Conlin, President, National Institute for Reproductive Health in New York City.

Here’s what she writes,

“There are three ways that women and teenagers can take responsibility for a pregnancy: abortion, adoption, or parenting. One option is not more responsible that the others. Each is a valid choice, as long as the chosen path is the best for the individual pregnant woman.” (emphasis added)

Should not the unborn childs’ “best” be considered?

My view of abortion is one of the ONLY things that did not change when I began following Jesus. I knew abortion was wrong, was in fact murder, if for no other reason that it could have been me.

Do we still care enough to at least pray that legal abortion is ended?

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