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>Deut 29.29

>Deuteronomy 29.29 is, in fact, one of my most-cited verses, since I am convinced half of being so-called “smart” is knowing what you are dumb at…and there is a ton of stuff of which I am dumb (yes, I can hear choruses of “amens” by friends, family, fellow workers…) But, Scripturally, it is fine to not have all the answers. I get nervous around people, regardless of how many initials they have after their names, who seem to have it all, or even most, figured out. That’s why I resonate with this: “It is a great blessing from God that some parts of the Scriptures are clear while others are not. By means of the first we acquire faith and ardour and do not fall into disbelief and laziness because of our utter inability to grasp what is said. By means of the second we are roused to enquiry and effort, thus both strengthening our understanding and learning humility from the fact that everything is not intelligible to us.”

Peter of Damaskos

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