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>Dead People Can’t Do Nothing!


Here is one of the most profound things I’ve read in weeks:

“God is eager to share his take on you. Here it is.

Mess Up.


Deeply Loved.


Both are true and both things set him in motion shaping history with a story fueled by unstoppable grace. You see, God was not shut down by our failure. Nor did the consequences of our rebellion dim His beautiful heart of love. No, we were the ones shut down when sin caused our souls to die. And die we did. It’s bad news, death.

Because dead people can’t see. Can’t breathe. Can’t help themselves. Dead people can’t do anything.

That is why they call Him Savior. When we were dead and could not touch God, Jesus came down and touched us.

It is the most phenomenal thing that has or will ever happen to you and me. Divinity rushing into humanity. God in skin marching steadily to the beat of His own love. And nothing and no one could alter His course.”

– Louie Giglio, “Remembering the Silence

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