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Could I have Left-Arm of Holy Spirit Please?

For right now, let's not fight/discuss/debate the 'baptism in (or of) Holy Spirit', please.

I am hopeful you will agree that Holy Spirit is a 'Person,' as is God the Father and God the Son. If you do not believe the Bible clearly teaches the trinity; we've not anything to discuss.

Since Spirit is a Person, why do we often hear, "Lord, give me more of Your Spirit?" I think, at least in some cases, I 'get' the sentiment, but words are important.

Ephesians 5.18 has the continuous action, "keep being filled with the Spirit," because we all leak.

But do I currently have, say, His left arm and right foot and maybe neck? How can I have "more" of a Person?

The bottom line, at least to me, is rather simple - it is not a question of how much of Holy Spirit I have; but rather how much of me does He have.

What thinkest thou?

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