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>Consistency – Obama Should Issue a Pardon for a Murderer

>I was pleasantly surprised when the Saint Joseph, MO newspaper published my letter to the editor Sunday. Here it is:

I was in the courthouse in Troy, Kansas when Tamara Kostman was sentenced after pleading no contest to the charges she murdered her newly born child.

Should she have been sentenced to a long prison term? Absolutely.

But had she visited an abortionist a few hours prior, the baby would be just as dead and she would be free today.

Is there not a disconnect? President-elect Obama states he will do all he can to make abortion easier (on everyone except the unborn child), and is a vocal supporter of “partial-birth abortion.”

To be consistent, perhaps he will extend a presidential pardon to Ms. Kostman?

Any human is shocked to hear of a woman strangling her just-born child. How can America sing “God bless America: while the thousands of daily deaths of the unborn do not shock?

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