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>Congresswoman Michele Bachmann – Politically Incorrect – Praise God!


I type Saturday afternoon as the annual Bible Quiz Fellowship National Tournament races to tonight’s championship quiz.

But I post not of quizzing, but of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann from the 6th Congressional District in Minnesota.


She made time to be the speaker for this mornings’ devotion. Imagine 400 teens, a couple hundred adults, gathered together to sing, pray, and then hear a challenge from a woman of faith who, among other things, challenged the students to seriously consider that the Lord might have a call on their lives to enter the realm of politics.

The congresswoman is a phenomenal speaker, mother of 6 (if I remember correctly) and foster parent of 23! Obviously of most importance is that she is a follower of Christ, and that several of her children have participated in Bible quizzing with our Minnesota/Wisconsin ministry.

She said that Bible quizzing is the “ultimate reality show,” because it is based on Ultimate Truth – the Word of God. She provided hope as she declared that she and several other members of Congress gather regularly for prayer because, in her words, “our problems are so big that they are beyond our collective wisdom.”

Her stated purpose was to remind the students of the incredible potential each one of them has; and that God’s Word hidden in the heart equips them for every good work.

I had the chance to speak with her briefly, and she asked for prayer. She is a first termer running for reelection this year; and the Democrats have “targeted” her because of her conservative stance.

I committed to pray for her daily; and I respectfully ask you to consider praying for her daily, weekly, monthly, whatever.

If this morning’s challenge was the only “plus” on this trip (and, by far, it is not), all the effort would be worth it.

An afternoon of quizzing awaits, so I’m out…

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