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Church – JUST STOP IT!

Some of you will recall this classic from Bob Newhart:

I am not sorry. I am not hesitant. I am not a prophet.

But I have a voice.

The light always shines brightest against a dark background.

It is dark.

The truth of the gospel should…must…be lived, proclaimed, modeled.

And what are “we” (the Body) generally doing?

Yelling at each other.

About “crucial” things.

Implying there is only one Christian answer to complex issues.

Such as, Jack?

I’m glad you asked…

Masks (and I don’t give a rip which side you come down on…you are not on the “Christian” side)

Church Openings (and I don’t give a rip which side you come down on..there is no ‘one size fits all’

Politics…primarily presidential (and I don’t give a rip who you are for..or against) And here is where I will “lose” many of you…are you ready?…you can (gasp) be a Democrat and a Christian simultaneously

End Times…and I don’t give a rip if you are pre trib, mid trib, post trib, don’t give a trib…Quit worrying how it’s going to end and redeem the time you have now and try to live in such a way that you won’t be ashamed at His coming.


Recognize we are brothers and sisters in Christ…but not identical twins.

And here’s a bit of what-it-should-be-for-us:

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