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“Chance” Encounter?

Yesterday I had an appointment to be seen by a traveling nurse who would take blood, height, weight, blood pressure, urine etc for a new life insurance policy.

She met me at Midland Ministries, we chatted briefly and she began her work.

As she was sticking the needle in she asked, “Are you the same Jack Hager who spoke about prison and choices in Polo, Missouri years ago?”


Turns out she was an employee at the high school and came to the assembly (for several years basically all I did was travel and do school assemblies and follow-up evangelistic events throughout the country)…near as we can figure it was 1981!

The nurse said she came to the follow up meeting at First Baptist, Polo and remembers being amazed at how many teens had shown up; and how many responded to the challenge to trust in Jesus.


I don’t remember that evening meeting.

But I do remember Polo.

Because after school a student asked if she could interview me for the school paper. Of course I said “yes.” During the interview I asked her to come to the evening meeting to get “the rest of the story.”

She came…and after I shared the gospel God drew her to Himself.

And Fran later married a pastor and continues to serve the Lord with her husband and family.

Oh..and I still have a copy of the paper that included her interview somewhere in my files.

I don’t particularly enjoy getting poked for blood.

Yesterday was an exception!

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