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Cautionary Note to Protestors

You may feel a need to peacefully protest something.

That is your right.

I gladly support anyone’s right to protest – peacefully.


Because our constitution does not protect conservatives, religious people, Christian people, “gay” people, whatever people.

It protects and provides for people.

But…and here is the caution…

As you go out to protest; realize you are taking a serious risk.

Because…as I hope you know…there are “protestors” who are protestors in name only.

In fact, they are punks looking to pillage, steal, and cause chaos.

It’s not too scientific, but my guess is that at least 80 percent of those alleged “protestors” who end up smashing, grabbing, and worse have no idea…no idea at all…of the issues the peaceful protestors are trying to address.

They are simply along for the ride…and the tvs, shoes, and whatever else they can find. Oh, and let’s burn down a church here and there for fun also.

And you, peaceful protestor, might get caught up in it.

I’m not saying you’ll be tempted to steal etc.

I’m simply saying you may be suddenly surrounded by a group of these punks and basically carried along into a really bad situation.

That bad situation could result in fear, injury, and/or arrest.

If you want to protest peacefully, have at it.

But recognize it entails serious risk.

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