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>Can YOU Define It? MUST READ

>“Hi, my name’s Jack and I’m a bookaholic.”

Yeah, that’s true. I’ve always been a reader, and since conversion the Lord has fed my hunger for reading with good stuff; and for several years I reviewed books for “The Family Life Journal” and interviewed authors on “my” talk show back in the day. I continue to recommend (and NOT recommend, in fact blast some “Christian” stuff) books and authors both electronically and during my preaching assignments. I try to limit enthusiastic “you gotta read this book”-itus; but I have a book about which I say, “YOU GOTTA READ THIS!”

In a day where the essentials of the gospel are debated, ignored, railed against and more by everything from ultra-emergent folks to fighting fundies (who, for the most part, ignore repentance) it is essential for individual believers to define “that which is of first importance,” the gospel. And author Greg Gilbert helps us do just that in “What is the” Mark Dever says, “This little book on the gospel is one of the clearest and most important books I’ve read in recent years.” Joshua Harris adds, “This book will help you better understand, treasure, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.” I urge/beg/exhort/challenge you to buy and read this small-sized, 124 page book. And, as always, if you order it off the link, you help this home missionary. More important, you will help yourself and thus make yourself more of a help to others.

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