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Camp Fire Wisdom

We really do, we really do, we really need each other.

As brothers and sisters in Christ (but not identical twins) we need to stand together, work together, pray together. Denominational and secondary issues that too frequently cause mickey-mouse division need to be shot.

I've stood by hundreds of week-ending campfires at Christian camps. If well-directed these can be valuable times. If poorly managed they can degrade quickly into "I can top that story" stuff and worse.

The true life of following Christ is not a party, not a series of sloppy agape stuff, but a battle. As I've been known to say, "if your Christian life is easy, something is whacked."

Because of all those campfires this is my favorite scene from one of my most favorite movies, "Glory."

My favorite line from the scene, "We went down standing up."

Stand for and in Jesus. But don't stand alone...unless and until it is absolutely necessary.

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