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>Bible Quiz Tournament – Iowa Invitational


I had the privilege of quizmastering at the Iowa Quiz Regionals in Waterloo, and was also asked to bring a short message Friday night and Saturday morning. About 250 students and a herd of adults; great competition. Quizzing is such a cool tool to get students into the Word, and thus the Word, in context, into students.

Have received several e-mails and facebook messages from folks saying they appreciated the challenges; very encouraging.

We have the final regular season Midland quiz Saturday; then we put together the national teams (Nationals in St Louis in late April), as well as prepare for our invitational the end of this month.

In 2007 Billy Graham wrote, “Now that reading has become more difficult, I probably read the Bible less but pray more. Of course over the years I’ve memorized many passages from the Bible, and I’m especially thankful now that I did this. I wish we gave more attention to Bible memorization in our churches today.”

Amen. And Bible quizzing is a great way to do just that. Questions?

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