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>Because of the Resurrection:

>“If Jesus had not been raised, none of the following things, listed in order of their appearance in Acts, would have been possible:

  1. The sending of the Spirit (Acts 2:33)

  2. Physical healings (Acts 3:15–16)

  3. The conversion of sinners (Acts 3:26)

  4. Salvation by union with Jesus (Acts 4:11–12)

  5. Jesus’ role as the leader of his church (Acts 5:30–31; 9)

  6. Forgiveness of sins (Acts 5:30–31)

  7. Comfort for the dying (Acts 7)

  8. The commissioning of gospel messengers (Acts 9; 10:42)

  9. Freedom from the penalty and power of sin (Acts 13:37–39)

  10. Assurance that the gospel is true (Acts 17:31)

  11. Our own resurrection (Acts 17:31)

  12. Jesus’ future judgment of this world (Acts 17:31)

In summary, because of his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus has brought God close to us.” — Adrian Warnock

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