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Batterson – PLAY THE MAN

I know some of my more anti circular friends don’t like Batterson. Cease and desist from reading on if that’s you – nothing to see here.

Mark Batterson has knocked it out of the part with Play the Man – Becoming the Man God created You To Be (Baker Books).

“Jack, ain’t you a big long-in-the-teeth to be reading a book like this?”

Absolutely not. Whether I have a week, a year, a decade or decades left..I want to 2 Peter 3.18…and books like this may help me along the journey.

God is God of all. To include manhood. Perhaps you have arrived; I’ve not.

So I read this book with great anticipation, and have received wise counsel from it.

I resonate with this quote, “…Jesus didn’t die to keep us safe. Jesus died to make us dangerous.”

He continues a bit later, “The will of God isn’t an insurance plan. The will of God is a dangerous plan.”

I don’t want to give you too much of the book; I want you…as a man of any age…to get and read the book. Then heed it.

If you purchase it by utilizing the link below, I get a few cents…

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