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>Amtrak Adventure


I’ll spare you the details, but turned out a lady died…and we had to wait almost three hours for a coroner to come to ensure the lady was, in fact, dead…and thus we were very late into KC.

Had a great visit with great friends, then came out to camp.

First day and a half very good…fantastic weather (after a stormy start), and for the most part attentive students. The Lord is working in lives…and it is yet another fantastic privilege (and responsibility) to be able to preach for these two weeks to two groups of young people.

Appreciate prayers for genuine working of the Spirit (rather than emotions/peer pressure), for Jane and Jacob at home, for Josiah and Joel in their camp work in two locations in Wisconsin, and, yeah, for the RAPID sale of our NY house so we can locate to our HOME in Missouri.

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