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Ain't No "Way"

At last count there are 4,241 books on "How to Pray," 7,401 books on "How to Read Your Bible," and 5,412 books on "How to Witness." Well, yeah, I made those numbers up.



There is no "way" to pray...

There is no "way" to read your Bible...

There is no "way" to evangelize...

There is no "way" to run a church service...

There is no "way" to run a Christian youth camp...

There is no "way" to memorize Scripture...

etc etc etc

Since 1978 I (and since 1982 'we') have had the joy of living on "support" or "deputation." As home missionaries, Jane and I subsist on the financial gifts/investments of people (and a few churches) that value our work and want to help pay the bills.

In Bible school I learned what was called THE WAY to raise support. I have been to a couple national trainings on support raising; both of which basically stated their WAY was the ONLY WAY.

But the Lord led me to my "own" way of raising support. It is certainly not THE way; but, well, it works for me...

In all the categories listed above (and many more) gotta find what works for YOU. We are all prone to think our way is the best way...or even the ONLY way. But God made us all individuals with different giftings, talents, personalities, etc.

Trying to learn how to do something, or how to improve something? Try some ways until you find what clicks for you. Thank God for it.

And never tell anyone else that YOUR way is the BEST way.

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