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Through a string of “coincidences” (miracles in which God chooses to remain anonymous) I found out about Christ Unlimited Bible Institute, run by Kansas City Youth For Christ, an independent YFC ministry started by Dr. Al Metsker.

I applied, to my surprise (me of little faith) was accepted, and thus began the vocational ministry to which God called me.

Later I found out that Doctor and Mrs. Metsker were directly involved in my acceptance. Al told me that he and Vidy were driving, with Vidy reading my application form. Al said they were perplexed…should they allow a recently-paroled felon to attend their school?

After discussing the pros and cons (no pun intended), they prayed and felt they should accept me.

Thank You, Jesus! And thank you Al (who is in heaven), and thank you, dear Vidy…

The photo was taken at a reunion of Kansas City Youth For Christ people last week. We couldn’t go because we are preaching in northern Wisconsin at Crescent Lake Bible Camp.

But a friend posted her picture, and my heart wanted to post a tribute. (She is surrounded by Johnny Williams and part of his family…Johnny oversees God’s Mountain camp in St Joseph and has been a dear friend for over thirty years…)

There are literally thousands of souls in heaven,and enroute, because God blessed the sacrificial work of Al and Vidy(though neither would ever take credit). And hundreds upon hundreds of vocational missionaries, both overseas and in the states, received training and experience, to include this writer, at a Bible Institute KCYFC used to run.

KCYFC has evolved into another organization. But the rich heritage of the KCYFC and CUBI days continues.

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