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A Packed Life

I just learned that J. I. Packer is now “absent from the body; present with the Lord.”

I never met him; never heard him in person; but he remains a significant mentor.

His Knowing God and  Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God are two of the very few books I read more than once…and both of those are typically read once a year.

If you, friend, have not read those two; I urge you to add them to your life-is-limited-by-covid reading list.

A brief bio available here.

He was, unlike many pastors and theologians, unafraid to address the controversial subjects; but his heart was warm as evidenced by this, “I should like to be remembered as one who pointed to the pasturelands.”

And in one of his final interviews he was asked what his last words to the Body of Christ would be…the interviewer writes “After a 10-second pause he said, “Glorify Christ.” Then adding “every way.”

“Glorify Christ in every way.” Not a bad “job description” for all.

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