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>A Marvelous Time in the Midst of (relative) Storm


Jane, Janelle, Jacob and I were able to get away for three days to a good friend’s rustic cabin in what is known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon (Blackwell, Pa). Just a phenomenal time – I’d get up early and ride my bicycle for at least an hour; then we’d breakfast, hike, bike, float down the river (not very deep this time of year, so it was sometimes more “push” than float!)…No running water other than the river…so perhaps we, ah, were a bit “ripe”?

But it was one of those priceless family times that will forever be in our memories…and for which we thank the Giver of all good gifts.

Why has He not given us a buyer yet? Not a clue…but we rest in His sovereignty…most of the time!

I leave very early Friday for my annual Korean-American Teen Camp near Philadelphia; to be immediately followed by a teen camp at Penn York camp in Ulysses, Pa. Appreciate your prayers for the ministry which will take place; as well as for Jane and the younger two at home…and for Josiah and Joel as their summer employment ends and they take their next steps in this exciting, if sometimes frustrating, journey called life!

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