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A Glimpse Behind the Walls

Had a couple great sessions in two prisons this week…

Tuesday was Bible Quizzing in WRDCC. Eighteen inmates showed up (each week we have 15-20). We’ve been studying First John; and for the first 45 minutes or so I asked them questions on the first four chapters.

Hard to express how great it is to see the offenders enjoying themselves….a few of them evidently put a lot of time into memorizing and yet they aren’t cocky, but rather spend time telling other men they can do it; just takes discipline and time.

It’s wonderful to see them high-fiving one another as they get questions correct.

And then we discuss the verses, and get into some pretty deep conversations.

Simply a highlight of my week!

Wednesday morning I drove to Crossroads to preach at “Christian General.” About fifty offenders showed up for this weekly service (Crossroads does nothing on weekends). Many of these guys I’ve known for eight years or so. Each time I go I speak to one guy who has been incarcerated for 34 years…and who will never get out.

He was in Vietnam the same time I was. He tells me he became a Christian when he was a young teen; but fell away upon returning from Nam. I never check an inmates record; simply because I don’t trust myself to be objective. This man speaks of his children often; never his wife…so perhaps…

The inmate choir does a great job; many of the attendees seem to be in an attitude of worship. They are very attentive. And most always express gratitude to me for making the trip and effort.

But it is I who am blessed to be able to go behind the walls.

In print this doesn’t convey what I wish it did…just a couple “average” aspects of the ministry to which the Lord has called me; but I remain amazed that I get to do what I get to do!

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