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>A Bucket-List Check Off

>Bucket-List = Things I wanna do before I croak!

Some I’ve written down, some I carry in my head…but this morning I clicked one off – I was privileged to worship at the 10th St Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. I’ve come to Philly every summer to speak at “Korean Kamp” for two decades, but have never had the chance to go to Tenth.

But, this weekend (with a “bit” of snow…2nd worst in Philly history) I was in town for Donny and Angela’s wedding (which started late yesterday, but almost everyone showed up, and the ceremony, and the reception, was incredible…Angela is Chinese, so at the reception she dressed in a traditional chinese dress and had a “tea ceremony” with parents; and then her and Korean Donny put on traditional Korean clothing for an ancient traditional ceremony with parents and family…hopefully fotos later!).

Anyway, this morning I walked a couple miles to the church and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Why so important? Three of her pastors have been hugely influential in my life…Donald Grey Barnhouse, James Montgomery Boice, and Philip Ryken.

Barnhouse died in 1960; his ministry continues in scores of wonderful books. Boice journeyed to heaven in 2000; his books are phenomenal. Ryken is the current pastor (and he finished the book Boice was writing when he died) and continues to write (and preach!) great stuff.

An early 19th century beginning evolved into a church that impacts the city, the state, the nation, the world. It is rather majestic; the orchestra and organ were magnificent, and, more importantly, the preaching of the Word was challenging!

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