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My high school photo/journalism teacher, Ed Murdock, was promoted to heaven after a lengthy illness Wednesday. He had celebrated his 81st birthday Saturday.

Ed and English teacher Lucie Rea impacted my life, and continue to do so, more than any other educator (until I got to Bible school!).

I had Ed for three years, primarily for Journalism classes. My senior year I had three class periods with him as I had fulfilled all the other junk.

I served as reporter, Sports Editor, and Editor-in-Chief of the Hart High (Newhall, Ca) “Smoke Signal.” Back then we were the Indians…I hope we still are.

Ed was a young teacher, friendly, caring, making the time to teach not class, but students. He later moved into counseling and administration…

He was fun. Back then beer cans had pop tops, but there was not a “protector” around the tab, so every Monday Ed would check a few of us for “pop top thumbs.” Opening the cans frequently produced small cuts on the thumb…

He was strict, but not overly so.

He was a good man. I did not know he was a Christian then…then I didn’t know what a Christian was. I honestly don’t remember him ever mentioning Christ or faith…but I am sure he would pray for me…and so many others.

After graduation we lost touch, but then in around 1980 I bumped into him while I was doing an assembly at Hart.

He began supporting me financially at that point, and, at his homegoing, was my longest-standing financial supporter. He was a prayer warrior also…his significant financial giving will be replaced; his prayers not.

My family was able to meet him several years ago, and a few years ago I got to pay him a visit with classmate Bob Satterfield.

I’m told I am a good writer. Most credit goes to the combination of Ed (primarily) and Mrs. Rea.

I shall miss his phone calls. I shall miss him.

But not for long.

(If you don’t get the “-30-“; it used to be placed at the end of an article to indicate the end. Don’t even know if it is still used.)

But in this case -30- doesn’t mark the end; simply the transition.

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