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40 years? FOUR decades? Forty YEARS?


On August 12, 1978 I graduated from Christ Unlimited Bible Institute, which exists no more.

It was started by Kansas City Youth For Christ (which exists no more) in 1975; and I was in the third class.

cubi class

I had heard about the school shortly after being paroled…met Jerry Johnston (then a whiz kid for both Jerry Falwell and KCYFC) in California…he told me about CUBI, I applied…lo and behold they accepted my parole moved to KC…and on August 30, 1977 flew from LA to KC with a few bucks; no job, no place to stay.

Within hours God had provided a job (Papa John Turner, Office Manager, heard me typing and hired me on the spot); and a couple days later a place to stay (with Scott Lash and Ken Kirkman). We called our somewhat shaky “house” COWUSA; as I was from California, Scott from Ohio, and Ken from Washington.

The schooling was great…with Dr. Dean Potratz as primary Bible teacher; Dr. Al Metsker as encourager, whipper, and teacher of youth ministry. Several staff members and other guest speakers spoke truth into us; but the best education came from being “slave labor” for KCYFC for hours and hours…truly great learning experiences…

And had God revealed to me what He was up to as I got my diploma on August 12, 1978 it would have scared me to death…

I’m still amazed (and grateful) I get to do what I get to do…and stunned to recognize that I’ve been “on support” for four decades…

God has big sleeves, and He often has what appears to my very limited view “tricks” up them…but He has blessed me inexplicably

and consistently. I’ve spent over four years of my life as a camp speaker; and have shared Christ in schools, prisons, jails, camps, churches, civic organizations and more.

“He opens doors that no man can shut…”

I’m amazed. I’m blessed. I’m thankful…so very thankful.

And if God can use me….yeah, He can use you…and wants to use you…not “someday”, but “today.”

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